Love & Lace | About
Love & Lace is a bridal boutique in Downtown Honolulu. We specialize in modern and unique dresses fit for a formal or casual affair. By appointment only.
Honolulu Wedding Dress, Hawaii Bridal Salon
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Simple.  Effortless. Understated.

For the bride who naturally stands out without trying too hard.  We believe that the dress should not overshadow the bride, but rather, the dress should enhance and complement her personality and style.  Love & Lace was born out of the angst of a former Honolulu bride who longed for a dress that best represented her persona.

The boutique features inspired dresses that are modern and chic, yet traditional enough that even your conservative parents and grandparents will approve of.  You will find varied styles out of the norm, catered to the many silhouettes of a discerning bride.  To learn more about our exclusive designers, please see our DESIGNERS.


Love & Lace is a cozy bridal boutique that strives to provide an intimate experience for each and every bride.  They will be made to feel comfortable, as if they were a guest in someone’s home.  We understand that searching for “the dress” is a delicate and sometimes frustrating process and we believe in creating both a memorable and satisfying experience that will alleviate any stressful elements in finding a dress.

To embark on this experience, we ask that you make an appointment to secure your one-on-one consultation.  We allot 60 minutes for each session, but will be happy to accommodate additional sessions as needed.  We look forward to your visit!